Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh those lazy hazy days of summer.....

This picture is of my deck, white house with blue trim, white deck, west facing backyard , hotter than .... So today reached 33 I think, it was like Vegas here, that dry intense heat, we went out on the deck this morning to read the paper, Mom to have her coffee and it was already hot at 11:00. We did go out a little, I drove past my mothers building, showed her the bus routes etc. We went to the Casino which is just down the road. I lost 20 and she lot 30 then we left. Had a bbq sometimes it even to hot to bbq and here I am. This is exciting isnt it. I did go to walmart to get some pictures of the family reprinted (when we lived in France ) for my art piece. Well tonight I am working on the piece so you might get a glimpse tommorw. Well its early as you can see, but I am not going to go to bed early. You talk to you tomorrow.


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