Saturday, July 15, 2006

Old is new....

Hi, well its Saturday and I had a terrific day (since I know I am still on vacation) slept in, shopped, barbequed and cleaned up the studio. I went today and picked up my project (the teapot) from the store, I did not win, but the winning entry totatly deserved it. The picture is a car that my multi-talent brother inlaw has in his shop, for painting, this is without the paint, when done I will post the completed job, it will look great. My daughter is going to Vancouver for about 12 days, first time without mom and dad, she is visiting with my brother inlaw, and then her friend Jasens parents, and then going to Oregan for a few days. I am kinda of nervous but it's time she is at the age and graduated to get out on her own. Well tomorrow the weather is suppose to be good so I will talk to you tomorrow.l


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