Wednesday, July 26, 2006

revisiting Tour de France

Reposted my picture, I added some journalling, and some ribbon and that's all there is. Did not post last night, as my many readers know. Went out to the Red Lobster with Mom and a friend. We had a great time, and the food of course was great. I love that place. A little pricey both worth every penny. Tommorw night (thursday, we are moving some of my moms things to her new place, pray it does not rain). The daughter is off on her trip with her friend, and already I miss her. I bought this little tin the other day $2.00, it looks just like the one they keep bandages in. I thought I could fix it up, and put some of ATC (artist trading cards) in there, a good little storage container and decorative.
Well it looks like we are in for a bang up storm so better get some stuff put away outside, hopefully will talk to you tommorw.


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