Monday, September 18, 2006

Back from the trip and ready to blog...

This little picture was taken in Vulcan, Alberta where they have a tribute to all things Enterprise, now a little tidbit about me, I like the TV show Enterprise, Star Trek etc. So on the trip we made a little stop, took a bunch of stupid pictures of me, with vulcan ears, etc which will never make on this blog, but we had a blast. I also got a tshirt, can't leave there without a tshirt. Well we got back Sunday around 7:00 tired and glad to be home, a long ride home, but we did have a great time, bought alot of clothes, drank, etc and generally just talked and talked, we never run out of things to say to each other. Our friend Lois even bought a Lawn Mower, now I know you saying could she not get that at home cheaper. Nope, this girl knows her lawnmowers and she got a great deal, so she was happy, we were loaded to the rafters , the border did not give us to much trouble, we of course had to pay duty over a 100 each just about, so that gives you a good idea of how much stuff we bought. We all bought this pain relieve medicine called Alieve , but we had to give it up at the border, who knew it was a banned substance in Canada. Well its back into the groove, work and ironing. Tommorow night I go to my
Canvas glass to do my project, which I will bring home photograph and post on my blog, I am really excited. Went to Walmart tonight to get the final pictures and I am ready. Well enough of my excitement, I know you all can hardly contain yourselves, I am going to hit the hay, I am trying my best to get to bed early. Talk to you tommorow.


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