Saturday, September 30, 2006

Crocodile Rock...

Yes that's right Elton was not at my house in my city. And did I attend no what would be the reason, the tickets were out of sight...But now here I think why did I not go, I should have just bite the bullet and bought a ticket. I love his music,he rocks on the piano and he puts on quite a show. Oh well I will read the reviews in the paper tommorw and see what I missed. Today my daughter I shopped in one of the funkier neigbourhoods and bought a couple of things. I did order a stamp ( a circle with dots) but the day was great, the weather was perfect. My mother came over for dinner and then we watched two movies, Brokeback Mountain, and the weatherman. I thought she might be shocked with Brokeback (she is 78) but no not a word, in fact she liked the movie. Who knew. Well the movie was on I worked on a halloween layout (my daughter is 17 now) so this was when she was about 5 but it turned out very well, a couple more things left to do and I will post it tommorw. This morning at 9:00 I reached 3000 people who have read my blog. Thanks to everyone who reads this and keep up the good work. Well better hit the hay talk to you tommorw.


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