Friday, September 29, 2006

Remembering when...

My mother and I today were discussing my sister (if you have been reading this blog my sister at age 55 passed away suddenly in January) we talking about when we lived in Europe and just rembering her. I have been thinking about her every day since her death and wishing she was still here to share my day with. I wrote a poem just after she died and want to share it with you today, I have written many poems but I will share this one:

The sun sits low in the afternoon sky
I am sure I saw an angel flying high\
Was it you just here to say goodbye

I question the reasons why you had to go
We had a plan for when we were old and slow
To sit and watch the rivers ebb and flow

I miss you more each passing day
We will remember you till we are all old and grey
I hope you never knew or felt any pain
Our loss of you is heavens gain

The loss of a sister is hard to expalin
My grief is real and hard to contain
My sister, a daughter, a wife and a mother
We will love you every day like no other



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