Friday, September 22, 2006

Lethbridge - The house you grew up in

This is my friend ML house in Lethbridge she grew up in this house, and on our way to Great Falls we stopped by the house and took some pictures, both parents have passed away and so it was a little sad for her to remember . But the house had not changed much and we went around the backalley and the yard was great. Well have not been doing to much since I have been off work, just laying around and relaxing, and I feel a little better. Well the weather here has been cold and rainy , but we are in for a good day tommorw. I am going in the morning to Scrapfest a convention for scrapbookers, I am not registered, but I am going to the trade show, I am so excited.... Then home for the afternooon, that should be enough for me. Well talk to you tommorw and I will let you know how everything was, maybe I can take some photos. ....


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