Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A masterpiece in progress..

Yep, this is what the studio looks like when I am creating, ususally much worse, I think I was in the process of cleaning up when I took this picture. Well a week today I am off on my trip to Great Falls with the gals, am counting the days, just chilling, shopping, and just having a blast. The weather is great here, my daughter got a job for the next year, (when she starts college is taking a year off to work) hubby had a job interview (even when he wasnt looking for a new job) the stars must all be aligned. I am working on the project for the trip, so cant really say to much about it, as the gals read the blog. Work is work, and the sun is still out and shining, all and all a great day. We have no water at present, there was a water break and the water has been off since this morning, so if it is not on in the morning, I am off to the Motherin Laws for a shower.... Cant go to work without a shower....Well gotta go talk to you tommorrow, pray for the water to come back on....


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