Saturday, September 23, 2006

Crocs Rock

Yep that right we all had crocs for the trip, we all wore them, if you have not got a pair, run right out and get one, they are so light and light on your feet, you feel like you are not wearing any shoes. My mom has a pair and totaly loves them and she is 78, she wanted a black pair, but to late in the season to find any, but I found some in Great Falls and guess what they are going to be a christmas present. Today I went to the Scrapfest and had a blast, I just went to the trade show, spend maybe 3 hours walking around, looking at all the cool stuff, of course bought some, (oh I mean lots, but if my hubby is reading this I bought a few things). Bought the book I was waiting for Scrapbooking with design paper, I already do that but thought I could do it better. I dont scrapbook like a traditional scrapbooker does, I like to add alot more art, sometimes no pictures at all just hand drawn pictures, to get my message across. At first I worried about that, but you know what that's the way I do it and I like it like that. Today was a beautfiul kind of fall day, very nice and sunny. After the scrpfest, came home and basically read my book and did nothing, just relaxed just like the doctor ordered. We rented a movie tonight called Kingdom it was very good, a little hard to get into but good. We had some friends over and laughed and had a good time. Well its 10:30 and I wanted to get to be early so talk to you tommorow...


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