Sunday, February 07, 2010

Making buns, football, and home cooking

Portfolio oil pastels
and black pitt pen

1.  At our house on Sunday's when I was growing up
it was all about being together as a family.  We always
had to be home on a Sunday night for dinner.  My
mom always made a roast, or a chicken and went
all out.  After dinner we all would clean up the
kitchen and then settle down for some Sunday
night TV watching as a Family.  My mom
always cooked all day long, making dinner,
baking dessert, making bread or buns.  So
when I got married I tried to carry out the
same tradition, and it sorta worked.  I always
make a good dinner on Sundays.  So at least
I carry out one tradtiion, and when the
shopper was growing up we all sat in the
dining room and had supper.  I made
sure we were all together.  Now we still all
eat at the table on Sundays that is a must.
What do you do?

2.  Tonight is Superbowl, I know it's in the USA but its
also really big in Canada.  It starts at 4:00.  I am
making BBQ ribs- and little red potates, lightly fried with
parm cheese on them, and caluiflower with cheese Sauce.

3.  I am making buns right now, they are rising.  My
mother is over so we are making them.  She
likes to make them, but cant anymore, so she
reads me the recipe and I make them.

4.  I also put on a pot of chili, and in another crockpot I am making
spaggetti sauce, both of these will be divided up and put in the freezer.

What are you doing today?


  1. oooo Can I come over your house for dinner, sounds delicious. The football game starts at 6pm here.

    We are having a cookout and then watching the game. I might go and visit a friend.

    Usually on Sundays we go to Church and then out to eat for lunch.

    Enjoy your family time.

  2. It is just my husband and me, but I made some nice sandwiches and cookies ... of course, all of it was gone before Superbowl kickoff!

    How nice that you can make your mother's recipes! :)

  3. Wow....can I come over to your house for dinner?!! Sounds way better than what we're going to have. I think it's going to be salmon burgers for us.

  4. Anonymous9:53 PM

    must be a cooking time for us both! I just made the cabbage rolls and oh my g! what a big cooking effort went into that...your dinner sounds delish!!! Have fun!

    Krissie at winterwood.

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