Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Visual art journal 2010

Magazine picture re done with markers and white out
Magazine text
and paper

Well how are you all.  I decided I am going to start showing you some of my visual art journal pages.  This is a book I do anything in.  Sometimes I paint the pages, or gesso them, sometimes I dont, sometimes I draw, sometimes I dont.  So its a mixed page .  This one is all about the Olympics, who knew I would be so into them.  Because sports equals excerise in my book, and sorry this body is not into that.  Maybe in my secret life I was an athelete.  If I was it would have been in snowboarding.

Last night took my friend Diane out for dinner for her birthday and we had a great dinner and a visit. Hubby is out of town so when I got home, worked in my journal , my house is in turnoil because of the floors, everything is in the kitchen, furniture everything.  Cant move it till hubby gets home on Thursday night, way to heavy for me and the shopper.

Well enough dribble from me, I am going to start my day and see what it holds for me.  What are you doing today?



  1. Lee, trying to e-mail you but your yahoo address keeps saying "notice failure", I don't know what's wrong but you should check it! :-/

    So you know. Thanks for joining the swap!

  2. I like your doodles!!!

  3. love the page, and DD and I watched snowboarding last night, and REALLY enjoyed it too!(olympics) I love your excuse of not cooking cos everything is in ithe kitchen... thats a good one... must try it myslef one day! (yes I realsie youre having your floors done!!)lol!

  4. I like it, I never did anything like that before, maybe I am just going to try it out.:)

    I bet it is very theraputic


    Not much going on here, just problems with our plumbing but at least we are renting and the lanlord has to fix it.

    I just hope my ceiling does not cave in, that would be an "uh oh"

  5. Great page! And Canada has some gold!! I've been watching some of the Olympics. I like the snowboarding and the speed skating. I'm an Apolo Ohno fan!


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