Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Try a little tenderness...

1.  today is a go day for me, first I am off to the postoffice
to mail all my postcards to there designated owners.

2.  Then its off to the movies for a good cry with
a friend, we are going to see
Dear John, a 2 kleenix movie I am sure.  We are
going to the afternoon movie because we
dont work anymore.  I feel like an old lady when I do that.

3.  Then its home to work on my faces, expect to see
a face tommorow.


  1. I really like these figures Lee : ) We have a lot of snow here today, so today I'll catch up on blogging.

    Have a good day Lee

  2. Hi Lee,

    I am looking forward to tomorrow's postcard and enjoy your movie.


  3. I never got the chance to thank you for reading my blog thank you.


  4. Anonymous6:32 PM

    oh... I havent seen or heard of that movie - whats it about? and did you enjoy it? krissie @winterwood

  5. How was the movie?? I just finished the book and I really enjoyed it...I guessing that you went with LE....the Hawaiian gal! I have been secretly admiring your posts....I love all these cards!! I would love to get one in the mail! ttul

  6. Unemployment is hard to deal with. You seem to be taking it in stride though. Good for you! Come read my blog and see how I deal with it, too!

  7. I've been loving the postcards! Dear John? I'm a blond, haven't heard of it ... I'd love to play hookey from work and go with you!

  8. These post cards are wonderful you are a talented lady.


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