Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Not to Wear...

Shoe magazine ad, just redone with white correction pen, and legs done with colored sharpies

I wish I had legs like Tina Turner....mine or more in the catagory of Oprah.  Tina Turner looks amazing in high heels.  I have a love for shoes.  They do not love my feet, I have big feet, all my life I have had big feet size 10-11.  Now manufacturers make lots of 6-7-8 and only a few of the big sizes.  Do they not know people have big feet now.  Not only big feet, but I have no arches etc.  so I have never been able to wear really high heels and I want to.  I think they make the legs looks great.  Now that I am older I know that I would kill myself if I ever tried to walk in them.  I cant walk in flats without tripping, and I am way to old to try.  But the shopper wears them and I get to go with her shopping for them sof the dream lives on.

Well enough about stinky feet, how are you all doing. I still never got down to the art room, but I have been working in my visual journal as you go see.  Its something I can do well sitting in front of the TV.  Great mail day yesterday a postcard from Singapore, I have always wanted to go there.  Where have you always wanted dreamed of travelling to?


  1. I used to wear high heels all the time but now I go for comfort! I'd probably fall over and kill myself if I wore them now.

    I'd love to see Australia, China, and Russia....and of course, England where my grandpa was from. But I'm waiting for a bridge to be built as I don't fly!!

  2. I haven't worn heels in so long. I like them, but I'm a slave to comfort. ;)

    My dream is to visit Italy.

  3. I love high heals, but I would need help just walking in them. I live in the south so I wear flip flops all the time:)

    If it were up to me I would not wear shoes at all.

    I would love to visit Hawaii, Greece and Ireland
    Have a wonderful day:O


  4. make that me too, being small I used to love heels to get up to 'normal' height, although though heeled days are too long gone! flats for me I'm afraid.

  5. Lee I have tiny little feet( if I try I can wear kids shoes) but the rest of me looks kind of Oprahish so I can relate.


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