Friday, February 05, 2010

Out of Africa

postcard size, done with
neocolor crayons, watersoluble
black inks
and red marker

I love elephants gentle giants - I know they are not always gentle
but they rumble around and take there time, and it takes a lot
to really get them riled up and when they do all the other animals take off. 
Sometimes wouldn't you just love to be one, now the weight
is another story (lol)

I am trying out typing this post in this font to see how it looks.
I am changing it up here in Lee Land, take bold moves,
just like the font (lol) thats how bold I am.  Went through
my favourites and took out the ones who dont post anymore.
Found some more favourites.  I check these daily, god
I think I have this laptop glued to my ass (lol).

Today the Face's class begins, I am dancing in the
aisles.  My faces are bad, I think that is why
I draw animals, I always try to draw women, men, kids
they all turn out like crap.  So after this class
it will be portraits all around (lol)

Well I will talk to you all soon, and have a great
weekend .  We are going out to dinner
with friends tonight.  So I will let you
know how it was.



  1. This postcard is charming! I love elephants and love the colors, too.

    Faces are hard. I don't like the ones I make, but I keep working at it because I'm stubborn.

    I wish I could draw elephants like this! ♥

  2. Elephants are such incredible animals. I really think they are fascinating and your postcard is wonderful!! You're making some really cool art lately. Can't wait to see your faces!

  3. I too have a thing for elephants, not sure what the draw is, but I do often find them walking thru my art. Good Lee : )

  4. Hello,

    I am so excited to see the next postcard.

    I enjoy drawing birds, they are my obsession. Faces are difficult to draw.

    Have a great weekend,

  5. I am looking forward to you sharing your face art with us, and giving us the odd tip! have a great weekend too! I am actually trying to do some art here myself.


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