Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2nd post is a day-Postcard Collage

Wanted to show you all the postcards together that I made for the swap.
They were all hand drawn, painted etc by me, and coated with a medium a few thousand times, so
they could stand up to the mail system
I have got 4 back so far and all beautiful,
1 from vancouver
1 sweden
1 netherlands
1 norway

I will show them when I get them all

Now onto regular programming


  1. "...and coated with a medium a few thousand times!"

    (I started doing that and then in a fit of lazy impatientience, laminated them.)

    You art work is JUST beautiful! Chalk? Acrylic? Ink? All of the above? I am especially drawn to the white oulining. Really makes it pop! :-)

  2. Your postcards are so unique and so colorful. I love them all....and I'm lucky to have received a couple of your postcards.

  3. How did you get involved in the postcard swap? I just can't wait to see the ones you get in return.


    I love your style:)

  4. I love your artwork. It's vibrant and alive. Really beautiful.

  5. those postcards POP!

  6. These are wonderful! I should send you my mailing address because I WANT ONE! LOL.

  7. uber loveliness, Lee ... I'd love to have a whole wall covered with your art, the way some people do with family photos.

  8. wow!! Those are beautiful!!



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