Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is it Saturday already

A couple of pages from my visual journal, a little doodle a little writing, some colour

Well its Saturday, since I dont work you would think that everyday feels like Saturday.  Not true
everyday still feels like a work day, and the weekend is still the weekend.  Its hard to expalin, but I wonder if that feeling ever goes away.  Maybe because Hubby still works.
Well what am I do today.....I know you all want to know because I live such a exciting life (lol).  Who knows I am wide open today to explore all possibilities.  My glasses broke so they need to go back to repaired, I need new shoes which I have been looking for a year, as in the previous post I have bad feet. The newspaper is calling my name, the Games I am over already thank god they are nearly over and its back to regular programming.  I am reading a gread book called the Reliable Wife.
Well I am making myself fall asleep from all this dribble so I will say goodbye and talk to you all soon.  What good movie have you seen lately?


  1. Those pages are so cool! You have such a wonderful way of using color and images.

    I'm looking forward to some regular programming, too. I've pretty much watched all the Olympic events that I was interested in so I'm finished.

  2. Marianne8:09 PM

    Love the Olympics, enjoyed watching whatever I could but had to clean house today! Boring!

  3. your pages are just AMAZING!!

  4. ps the olympics werent that big over here, they were on but I only love the iceskating really so when thats over it back to regular progs for me too.

  5. Hi Lee,
    I was just blog browsing and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed looking at your journal pages. I love the variety of techniqes and styles. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I was just wasting time from studying, and I came across your blog find ever!
    I love your creative style. Very unique, and somehow soul-filled.
    And aren't weekends still somehow the best? Sunday mornings are my favourite. Even when there is alot to do, there is something so still about the early hours. Not many people are awake on Sunday mornings.

  7. I love your visual journal!


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