Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wide Eyed wonder

Done in visual art journal
with neo crayons, and trusty correction fluid

1.  She wide eyed because she wondering who the hell painted her face like thatShe needs a major remodel.
 The eyes, the skintone, the nose, the lips.Who would ever date her.

2.  Got the computer back, had to redo everything again.  I am the tech of the houseso I do all the hookups. (lol)  Hubby not so good at those things.

3.  Floor done, in living room, with new hardwood.  Felt like I was in the
movie  Under the Tuscan Sun (great movie), the men that came 3 of
them could not speak english, smoked like fiends, sang and generally
had a great time, did a great job on my floor.  The foreman who
came in and out spoke a little.  Was happy for the work.

4.  Must go pick up devil dog, she went to the Doggy Daycare today,
she would have played with group and they would not have got any work done.

5.  Have been working in my visual journal, lots to share in the coming days.  I
also am working on my secret project, I might spill the beans.


  1. ooo do spill the beans, I am horible at keeping secrets. Dont be so hard on yourself about faces. Excellent job I do say so myself.


  2. Sandy6:50 AM

    Too funny Lee...I loved how you spoke about the guys working on your hardwood!....great art as always!

  3. OK, spill the beans! What are you working on?

    I had to laugh at your first sentence...."She wide eyed because she wondering who the hell painted her face like that"....you sound just like me when I painted a face recently.


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