Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hockey Night in Canada

Made this drawing in my visual journal the other night while watching hockey.  Now usually you would never catch me watching hockey.  Its not my favourite sport, but during Olympic times its everyone's sport and everyone has something to say, and who is going to win.  Well last night I watched figure skating, and made a page in my journal about that (which you will see tommorow).  If someone finds this journal in 50 years they would have said gosh this person likes sports.  And really that is who I am not, but I do like the Olympics.
Well enough about that, I am up early today and god its killing me, I have already taken
Devil Dog out for her walk and its only 7:35 and I am on my first Diet Coke of the day.  I am off at 8:00 to take my mum to the doctor and then I have to swing by the art store for some supplies, then to
Staples for some white out my favourite tool of the moment.  Whats on your schedule for the day?


  1. This is great Lee : )

  2. I'm not much of a sports fan either but I'm enjoying the Olympics.

    I have a lot of problems writing over acrylics, too. About the only thing I've found that always works are the Sharpie Poster Paint Pens.

  3. The only sport that I like is football, but the olympics I will watch other types.

    I just love the hockey player!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Krissie5:25 PM

    I love this - so such a strong image. I'm not a fan o f the olympics but I love watching the iceskating. Its so graceful!

  5. Krissie5:27 PM

    ps I read here as soon as you post in - looking forward to the bext post too!

    pps... I feel greatly relieved not to have a blog now and feeling some creative urge coming back slowly!


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