Thursday, February 04, 2010

I have the eget blues

Done in watercolour crayons and black ink and of course correcetion fluid

Are you sick of these postcards?  I am thinking I am gonna do something else for awhile.  I have joined Nora's online Face's class.  So be prepared to be sick of my faces.  Today is a go day.  Hubby is out of town,devil dog is going to play  atdoggy daycare, and the shopper is going to work..  So I am off to become a new woman, hair cut, hair dyed.  Shopping, lunch out with friends,  We have a new art gallery that just opened, it might call for a visit.  I also wanted to thank everybody who visited my technique Tuesday, and now I guess I can take off my sunglasses and put away my autograph book, and just be me again..

So talk to you all soon,


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