Monday, August 01, 2011

Mosquito Alert

Do you live in a place where there are no mosquitoes, if you do you are one lucky person.
Usually we don't have as many as we do, they spray to keep the population down, but in past years we have had a decrease in them, so they cut the budget.  So this year, we are the mosquito capital of Canada because of all the rain we have had.  Figures, cut the budget when we need it the most.  This
weekend in Canada we are having a long weekend, i cant remember the why, but we are.  And we have had nice weather for most of it, so we have been bbq, doing art on the deck.  Going to the bookstore, browsing, buying and reading, watching movies late into the night and generally enjoying ourselves, here at Casa Lee.  What did you do this weekend?


  1. Not many (if any) mosquitoes here, not even many house flies. Guess they don't like the hot, dry weather.

    My weekend was very quiet. Went to Hollywood on Saturday, cooked out on Sunday, and not much art got done.

  2. we have a lot of mosquitos here so in summer we have fly screens on all the windows and spray a lot, cover up after dark and usually dont sit outside at dusk or risk getting eaten alive by those pests!

  3. Anonymous1:42 AM

    This made me smile (in a sympathetic way!) - I am covered in bites right now, including one on either side of my forehead which make me look like I'm growing horns - it's not pretty! We don't seem to have many here, but they all seem to find me!


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