Monday, September 26, 2011

fall colors

i love fall
crisp air
the colors of the leaves
cool air
turning on the fireplace
wool sweaters
hot chocolate
more time for art
warm comforters
cozy pjs
scarfs wound around a neck
what do you like about fall?


  1. Me, too! I love fall. The colors of the leaves, the bright blue sky, the crisp air, wearing sweaters and boots, feeling cozy beside a roaring fire....all things I love about fall. Plus the fact that I can bake again without turning the whole house into an oven!

  2. normally i love fall but this year our summer started so late i'm not quite ready for fall. but i love soup in the fall, and getting into a cool bed with lots of covers.

  3. After a scorching summer, typical for Florida, I'm thrilled to turn off the air conditioner. I'm still waiting for that as we're in the 90's yet.

  4. love your fall colours... spring here! (lol)

  5. We are spoiled right now too with wonderful fall time weather. Almost better than summer. Some fog in the morning, clear blue skies and starting to color leaves....taking a bike ride in the golden light in the evening is a treat!

    Smiles, Anke ;)


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