Tuesday, September 27, 2011

today is

today is all about
running errands
having tacos and salad for dinner
walking in the park
stopping and having a hot chocolate at my favourite coffee spot and sketching
reading a good book
what's on your schedule today


  1. lovely leaves - you have captured the shades so well.Leaves have such wonderful colour palettes - autumn all those beautiful rusts and browns and summer all those soft greens - which we are seeing now. mmmm on my list today - finish up dinner, pack away the ironing - luckily my sweet helper Hlegweni did it all for me today, and then watch the idiot box with my sweet Katie.

  2. Your sketch of the fall leaves is beautiful!

    Today I'm trying to finish a painting and then possibly a trip to the library. Nothing exciting, that's for sure!

  3. Beautiful leaves! I love your subtle shades.

    Today I'm doing lots of laundry for Mom and my brother, baking an angel food cake with blueberry sauce and putting old table linens into a newly-painted old dresser. I'm hoping for a lovely quiet day. Hope you have a delightful one too!

  4. HI Lee. Lot's of errands, piano lesson....cleaning behind my kids, lol! Hope you enjoyed your day!
    Smiles, Anke ;)

  5. beautiful leaves. My agenda is way too full today, a rare sad day with no time for art!

  6. Your sketch is lovely! I'm gearing down to watch some tv and hand embroider(more hand embroidery then tv watching). Hope you had a lovely day!

  7. beautiful leaves..make me envious of your lovely autumn!! here its just plain ol cold and some hail and rain as its spring!
    off to airport today to see some poeple off! wish it was me!

  8. Hi Lee...I really like how you did the leaves...one of my favorite subjects! I hope you had a good day as it's almost over as I type this!


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