Saturday, September 24, 2011

I love.....

sketchbook done with markers and watercolors

i love working in watercolor soft and dreamy
i don't love that I am getting the deck ready for winter
I love that the weather today is summer like
I don't love that October is almost here and always means snow
I love that I have adopted a walking program that fits my needs
I don't love that I have packed on a few extra pounds and not from the walking
I love that I have been producing art
I do love that in October I will be going to Phoenix for a week
I don't love that when I come home I will have to wear shoes and socks again


  1. i do love the cool morning and dew on the ground. i don't love that summer is coming to an end. i do love your journal page.

  2. I love that you post your art so we can all see it. This is beautiful.

    We're still having 90º temps so summer isn't over for me. I'm looking forward to fall.

  3. I like yours Loves of the nots and so on. ha ha made me laugh towards the end of the post here.

    Hard to believe that fall is already here.

    Your tulips are pretty, love the colors you have chosen which gives it a rather folk art look.

  4. Beautiful page! I'm with you on the shoes-and-socks thing. I "discovered" flip flops this summer, and it will be hard to give them up!

  5. Love your tulip page. Love flip flops. Love that you're walking and taking good care of your artful self!


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