Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Favourite things

 The weather has turned where I live. Today is a sweater and sock day (I hate wearing socks, I like no socks and sandals), the wind is whipping up the trees, the trees are turning colour and falling on the roads.  I love this time of year, not cold, but a nip in the air.  Its time to whip up some comfort foods and get the fireplace ready.  We are getting a new roof on our house this week, the supplies arrived today. In our area we live in, you have to have a wood shingle roof, green fence, all kinds of crazy rules.  So its way more expensive than just getting a regular old roof.  So that is our home project for this year, a new roof, and new shutters on the main floor, I might have o go back to work to pay for them (lol).  I just got home from a few errands, took the devil dog out for a walk, now she is passed out in the den, and I have to think about cooking supper.  Ok I need a cook, I need to win the Lotto, have a cook and a daily cleaner come to my house, so I could play art all day, because these daily chores are getting in the way of my art. Truthfully I think I was more organized when I worked, I was able to get all things accomplished and create something. 

So I have been Christmas shopping I try to get it done way before Christmas rush   Because I cant stand the stress of it all.  I cant last minute shop it makes me crazy.  I like to have them all bought and wrapped by December 1.  I am going to finish it all off when I am in Phoenix in October that is my plan.

Ok you know how Oprah has her favourite things show.  I am going to tell you every wednesday   1 favourite thing of mine for 10 weeks. .  So here it goes, my favourite thing this week is

Space bags
what did I do before I found these, they are amazing, easy to store, can get lots of storage in them.  Try them you will be amazed.  I got a box of 7 space bags all sizes at Walmart for 19.00. and worth eveery penny.


  1. Christmas Shopping? Gee I hadn't even thought about Halloween let alone Thanksgiving even...should I panic now or wait til my birthday comes around in October to panic about Christmas Shopping? ha ha ha

    October is usually the month when I would start my Christmas Shopping.

    Ha ha ha perhaps both of us ought to win the lotto, I too would love to have a cook plus a housekeeper, and even my own personal shopper as well. I hate shopping mostly cause I hate getting stuck behind a person who seems to take forever.

    Not enough and yet too much stuff been going on around my life at the same time.

    Enjoy your post today, and like your Kingfisher bird too.

  2. You should have been making sketches at my house today. We emptied the birdseed hulls from the aviary, but little visitors found something to eat. I noticed the sound of a cardinal and peeked out the window. He was pecking at the seed litter and was soon joined by two blue jays, a dove and, oddly enough, a small red-headed woodpecker. Lots of inspiration on the wing! Love your kingfisher!

  3. It's still summer here and I think it will be this way for at least another month.

    My Christmas shopping is a cards for everyone! And I bake cookies for my kids. Easy peasy.

    When I hit the Lotto I'll hire a cook and a chauffeur. I don't enjoy driving anymore. Too many people in a rush to get someplace!

    I like Space Bags, too!

  4. I love the illustration it is one of my favourite things for today.


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