Friday, September 09, 2011

Reworked some old art - you can do it to step by step

This was a really old piece of art that was hanging around the studio
and I decided to re-work it.  I saw a really good idea at someone blog,
and I cant remember who's, and thought I could do that
to some old art.  So I thought I woul show you how I did it.

I decided it was not the right size.  So I cut it down

Now the supplies I used were:
spray paint (you could paint even if you did not have spray paint)
stick on letters of any kind

The next step was deciding what I wanted to do , I decided I wanted to
say something. So I placed  the letters on the peice of art, and the date.

The next step was I spray painted this white, now in hindsight, I should have used a different color,

after the spray paint dried I took of the letters, I was not to happy
with it so decided to use pan pastels with a cloth to add some color

So I added some color, but I am still not happy with the way it looks. I think I might add some charcoal to give it some depth, any suggestions on what else it needs.


  1. Great idea!

    I went to an artist's studio once. He placed all his old art with the fronts facing the wall. He said if he looked at them, he always wanted to add something or take something away...all the time! LOL! He called it "The Fiddle" and he couldn't stop, he said. Looks like your fiddling has brought about a beauty!

    On the next to last photo: without the date, I think your art looks like one of those really beautiful inspirational cards.

  2. I haven't seen this technique but I like it. I have tons of things I don't like so this might be a way for me to salvage them.

    Maybe add a little bit of something darker around the outer edges. Smudge some crayon or pan pastel.

  3. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Hi Lee i like it better now but loosing the ( what looked like the sun on the right) takes away something i think and i would prefer it without the huge numbers at the bottom ...hope that helps in some way....

    hugz bev

  4. This is awesomely cool, and I think what's so ironic is that it sort of glows and the text mentions "light!"

    Your new header looks cool -- what is that pink stuff you are carving into? Is it styrofoam?? VERY COOL...

    xxx tj

  5. I've seen this technique before:

    Don't know if that's where you saw it.
    I think it looks good but you probably should have done more coats of white.

  6. HI Lee, lot's of post to keep up with...well my Open Studio kept me busy, so extra surfing time in the net was not possible.
    Now it's over and I can follow my favoirte blogs again! I love what you did the last couple of days!!!! So off to check the rest, smiles, Anke
    PS: I don't know if you saw my answer but you can download that picture or do you want a bigger version? Let me know!

  7. I like this just the way it is, perhaps if you were to add a dark frame around it like a brown frame then it would give your picture a whole different look to it.

    Like the idea where ever you gotten it from, now you are giving me ideas at what to do with some of my old art here. :)

  8. Hi Lee, looking forward to see the result of my photo!
    And concerning my Open Studio, I say yes it was a success. The new mixed media art jewelery was very catching peoples attention and we sold some. I have some class sign ups, which is my main interest to have poeple joing my classes. Although, some more people to stop by would have been nice, but you never know with events like this!
    Smiles, Anke ;)


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