Thursday, September 22, 2011

Your crazy critic

I have been doing things that make me uncomfortable to challenge myself
like drawing in black pen, that is scary to me, because you cant erase it,
and the other fear I am trying to conquer is trying to make everything perfect
That's gets to my inner critic, you know that crazy voice in your head
that tells you , its not perfect its not good.  I am sure Picasso had an\
inner critic, so I quess if he had one I can live with mine.


  1. We all have that crazy critic. We just have to learn to ignore her and do what we want.

    I've never sketched straight off with pen. I usually make a light pencil sketch first. You're brave to try it and your results are good. I like that llama.

  2. ha ha yup I have those nutty critic's all of the time telling me you can't do this and yet I do it, or you can and I don't do it.

    I switch back and fourth from ink to pencil, or pencil to ink, just depends at what I am in the mood to draw. Most of my cartoons I do use ink, usually I use Sharpi ink pens for cartooning, However sometimes I do both.

  3. We ought to figure out a ban on those crazy critics! I smiled when your llama appeared, even before your words. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hi the sketch of both animals...made me smile...Have a great weekend!!

  5. Lee, your inner critic doesn't have a chance! The more personal expression is in an artwork the more attention it gets from people! And it's usually mostly positive even when the drawings are not perfect. So "NEVER EVER" let that critic in you prevent to create such unique art/drawing!!!!!!

    BIG SMILE, Anke :)


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