Sunday, September 04, 2011

Just a peek

Just a peek into my junk journal, I had not nearly finished it.  but I thought I would give you a sneak peek, I am having fun working in, all the lines make something else.  Like a puzzle.
I am again trying to change up the blog, do you like this font or is it to hard to read?  I am trying to get more traffic over here.  I have thought about turning off the comments, and taking off the stats, that way I wont know when nobody reads this blog and what I dont know wont hurt me. Do you have a trick getting traffic to your blog, I know I dont live an exciting life, so sometimes its humdrum.  I posted just about everyday for the past three months, more posting didnt do the trick.  I dont know why I care, because when I first started I didnt care if anyone read my blog.  Oh well for those of you who do read my blog thanks.



  1. I love your junk journal and I've been enjoying your index cards as well!

    The font here is cute, but it is kind of hard on the eyes for anything other than a caption, otherwise it looks great!

    Keep doing what you're doing blogwise. Your blog is very authentic and true which is refreshing when there are so many blogs out there working so hard to attract readers.

    I've been blogging since 2005 and I used to get a lot more comments before twitter and facebook. Also, I think people sometimes like to look at blogs but are shy to comment. Don't take it personally - really, people are reading and enjoying your blog, I promise!


  2. I didn't see anything too different with your font so it's okay for me to read. As for the comments/visitors it seems to be a mystery to me. I have about the same amount of comments I've had for several years. I have a lot of followers but very few of them comment or visit that often. I wouldn't worry about it. You have a great blog, your art is unique and interesting, and you're a fun person. I'll always read your blog!

  3. Hi Lee i have been following you for a long time i even won a giveaway that i love..... the thing i think is that i read all my fav blogs everymorning mostly , but i do it via google reader and i have found out that the blogger is not away of this so maybe thats what others are doing .... its so easy to sit with my morning coffee and have all my favs in one place ....i love how u went through your quirky animal phase i am still in it thanks to Carla and love it...

    hugz bev

  4. Lee! Your journal is amazing. I can't wait to see more. Your font looks "normal" to me. do fonts look different depending on your browser/computer? My computer is a mac and my browser is chrome and your blog is easy on the eyes (heck, it's gorgeous because of the art!)

    I get comments on my blog when I participate in challenges (paint party friday is a good one for getting lots of comments and visitors - have you ever played along?)

    keep posting! we're reading!

    (meant to comment a few days ago about the collage class you're taking - I'm very intrigued and might sign up. but here's case of "meant to comment but didn't")

  5. Hi Lee! I try not to think about how many comments I get, but, like you, it's hard not to want some evidence that people are reading what you take the time to write! I get the most comments when I participate in a course, swap, or challenge, where all of the participants tend to support one another by visiting each other's blogs. But it takes time on my part, because not too many people bother to come by mine if I haven't come by theirs.

  6. Hey Lee! As you know, I've only begun my blog, so I don't know how it all works on blogger. I'd like to have more readers too, maybe someday!

    Years ago, I had a blog on yahoo and the rule there seemed to be: post often with pictures. My son says, as far as he's concerned, "Content is King!"

    I think your font looks good, no trouble seeing it well. And you know I enjoy your junk journal and your index cards. I think it's great that you post often. Keeps me checking my list!

    Thanks for giving us a good read and lots of artful views and ideas!

  7. Love this journal. I, too, find that I have lots of readers and not a lot of commenters. But look! Surprise, you commented on MY blog today and I didn't even know you were a reader of it. Thanks.

  8. Wow, what an amazing work, this looks like fun! :) xo

  9. LEE! I love your blog, and I sometimes wonder too why traffic matters to me. I have also thought that maybe it would be better to shut off the stats! I'm sorry I haven't been here more often, it's a crazy time for me right now -- and I don't always have the internet. You are so talented, and I hope that you NEVER stop putting your work out in the world. Big hugs & lots of love from, tj


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