Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get me some ear plugs

up early wanted to be dressed and showered before the roof guys get her
I am visions of me running around naked well I forget about a blind
 I haven't closed, and one of them on a ladder looking at me,
and so horrified by the sight he falls of the ladder (lol)

So I am going out for the day because the noise is
going to drive me crazy, because every time
devil dog hears a noise she barks.
So enjoy your day and talk to you tomorrow.


  1. You always make me laugh! I can just picture that guy falling off the roof.

    Have fun on your day out. Mine was yesterday so I'm home today trying to get some art done.

  2. I always have that fear of workmen looking in windows while I am not dressed. Hope your roof turns out wonderfully!

  3. Hi Lee...I hope you got your clothes on in's so funny!!! I hope your roof job goes smoothly.

  4. Ha ha, made me laugh! Your drawing here looks so good!! Hope your roof goes on/gets repaired smoothly!


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