Monday, September 12, 2011

Stencil Magic

It funny in life and art how you have a favourite go to, in art my favourite go to is stencilling  and you use it and use and then  forget about it, and then it comes back again.  Stencil
is one of my favourite ways to make art,.  I like to use a stencil
two ways, first with spray paint, the above stencil was done with
spray paint.  And then I also like to use stencil with paint,
or chalk.  But my favourite has to be spray paint, you
can get so free, but it has to be done outdoors, and
where I live you have a very short window to do this. 
What favourite technique do you have?


  1. I like stencils too....and collage. Where I live my problem with using spray paints is the wind which is almost a constant thing.

    Your stencil art looks great. I like the bird, and the lines. They would be good for journaling.

  2. This is fantastic! Love the colors and of course the bird... I think I always love your birds!

  3. Lee can you email me please you have won a prize xx
    Helen x


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