Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Junk Journal

Here are a few pics from my junk journal.  Remember when I said I was not taking anymore classes, while I decided to take two more.  And I happen to love them, the first one is from Carla Soneheim where she makes and show you how to make a junk journal, and then you draw some funky animals in them.  I will show you when I am done, and I promise I will finish this class.  Half way there already and a junk journal made.

The other class I am taking is the Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen class on Collage, I love collage, but I don't just like to throw it down, I want it to look like art.  And that is what i am learning in there class.  They put alot of effort into the classes, lots of great videos, pdfs, and answers to questions you might have.  Chris and Julie both have great knowledge about paint.  I highly recommend this class, if you want to expand your knowledge base as an artists.  I sound like a commercial for her, I promise you she is not paying me to say this stuff (lol).

Today I went to my favourite inspiration place, IKEA when  I need a pick me up I go there, to the fabric, to the pillows.  It gets my motor running.  I did of course purchase some stuff, you cant leave that place and not buy.

Well better go and get some stuff done around here, whats on your agenda today.



  1. How interesting! Your journal looks ready for your ideas. (And I do believe we're wearing the same color nail polish! LOL!)

  2. Your junk journal looks interesting. I'm sure you'll fill it with lots of fun art.

    I've taken Julie's collage class, too. Maybe I need to go back and refresh myself about all of it.

  3. Hi Lee...I'm back! I love your junk journal. The one I did for Carla's class didn't turn out so very well but it was a learning experience.


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