Wednesday, May 16, 2012

16 shades of flower

well its day 16 I believe and I am still creating flower pictures.  Though I did join an online class and am really enjoying it, only 30.00  it is at and its called
Eclectic Art Journal ling w Gulfspirte.  She has a great teaching style, she shows you a different way to alter your journal pages, and different books that you maybe would never use,
Well today I am wearing a different hat, its the cleaning hat, got some laundry to do, dusting, things to return to the library, a dog to take for shots to the vet.  A mother in law to take to the doctor.  
For mother;s day I got a new book that I wanted from the Shopper called 50 shades of Grey, lets just say it's not for you if you don't like reading about sex. ,  Sot, far I like it, i am not the least bit intimidated by a book that has a ton of sex in  it.  If it's good enough for the bestseller list it's good enough for me.


  1. I'm loving your flower series!

  2. Be careful with that dusting! I spent yesterday cleaning a bookcase and moving books to another one. Today I can hardly see out of my left eye; it's so red. Too much dust is a dangerous thing, apparently. Well, maybe you're smarter and getting rid of the stuff before it's as overwhelming as my bookcase collection of microns of the past. Hope your work goes well. Lovely flower!

  3. The class sounds like fun. You'll have to tell me all about it.

    Today you were cleaning and I was grocery shopping. HB took me out for a late lunch, too so that was nice. I haven't read that book but it sounds good. I've heard a lot about it recently.

  4. havent heard of the book ... must look up the info on it though sounds v v interesting!

  5. Hi Lee...your flower entry today is great! Hmmm, I'll have to check out the book...sounds like my kind of book :)

  6. i like your line work on your flower drawings. NIce work

  7. Lee - thanks for playing along and posting flowers with my May Flower Challenge. I like the lines in this flower a lot! - Lori


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