Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pan Pastels

This picture started out as a magazine page of a bowl of flowers.  The first thing I did was use pan pastels, they didn't take to well, to the glossy page.  The next thing I did was use a fan brush, and paint white for the flowers, keeping a flower shape, and out line the base of the vase, and the background.  Then i reused the pan pastels.  The only thing I forgot to do, was show you the before picture, but to late now.  


  1. Lee,

    I love the creation you made - I think it turned out to be sort of dreamy and soft. Great idea!


  2. yes its feminine and dreamy - I like this gentle one!

  3. I like how Jill described your piece - dreamy. So soft and pretty!

  4. love this loose style... it has so much place for imagination :)

  5. This is BEAUTIFUL!! It's very soft and dreamy...ethereal. LOVE it!


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