Friday, May 25, 2012

Tape Background

wanted to try something a bit different , tape background
on board today
aqua size
Michaels to use coupon
walking the dog
lunch with a friend
planting my window box with herbs
dinner with hubby
what's your day look like?


  1. OH this looks fun!!! What a cool idea!!! Thank for sharing, I wish you a great weekend, smiles, Anke :)

  2. Love your flowers, Lee. I think it would be cool to see them in groups - a very color montageit would be. I like your style, lady!!

  3. Came out nice, the background really brought out your flower.

    My day so far went like this...

    ~ My nice steamy warm shower turned cold after I was all soaped up at 7 this morning. :(
    ~ Car refused to start and missed my appointment this morning
    ~ Ended up going back to bed and slept out the rest of this morning all the way up to Lunch time.
    ~ Made a few phone calls
    ~ Changed the banner to my blog and then Posted about it
    ~ Leaving a comment in your blog

  4. Oh, I really like that one! It would be just perfect in my office/studio/whatever this room's in black, white and red! Great idea to use the tape. Have a gorgeous weekend!

  5. me likes! lov how the colours work on this one!

    me? cooking today and playing at the garden centre tomorrow! (choosing new roses)

  6. kim (ginheartart)11:27 PM

    love the polka dot really makes the red pop! my day is a morning in the garden, afternoon volunteer at MCC Thrift store, quick dinner with Doodles, then next door to babysit 2 little boys, home at 930pm, whew!

  7. This is really stiking with the black and reds. Have a good day.

    I'm off for a massage this afternoon, helping someone move house this morning and then this evening.....well the sun will still be shining then so will be making the most of it in the garden I think.

  8. Great idea - it made the red pop. My day was spent shopping and getting ready to throw a graduation to continue to cook. :)

  9. LOVE the tape background!! What a fun idea.

  10. wasn´t that so much sticky work to do to go all around the stamps ;) looks wonderful: my day:
    greensmoohtie-breakfast with lovely hubby
    walk in the warm summer sun after the morning starts rainy
    many time to do journaling and blogging...stick, paint, cut and stencil along the way...
    make new chokolatebars and feel like in
    salad-heaven at dinner
    ...hhhmmm think it was a culinary Pentecost ;)


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