Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chicks gone wild

I dont know if i have shown this one before, its a little old sketch I did awhile ago.  I was just playing around trying to develop my own style of art.  I see that when I scanned it, the bookmark thingie got in the way. Well its Saturday, its sunny and its about the yard and sitting on the deck today, so I am going to get to it.  Do you have a Saturday routine?


  1. No Saturday routine for I finally got out my art journal and played a bit.

    I like your chicks gone wild piece.

  2. Saturday is usually picture taking day for me. A date with my camera. I like your bird!

  3. "Chicks gone wild" I see you have a bit of humor here. lol "Your Chick is Cute"

  4. cute, i like this one. chicks gone wild, love the title.


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