Thursday, May 10, 2012

Painting style

As you can tell I love bright colours , and i love  drawing these flowers (cant remember what they are called) and those things are suppose to be vases, (lol).
Well yesterday I had a surprise in the mail I received a new painting book I had ordered.   .  I loved the look of the book, the pictures, but it was short on technique and long on getting into the mood to paint.  Truthfully it must be very hard to write a book and explain how you do something, especially painting, because its all kinda spur of the moment.  She paint beautifully, and lots of wild colour, and her technique is her own you couldn't duplicate that even if you wanted to.    So the painter is Flora Blowley and the book is Brave Intuitive Painting overall I really enjoyed it.


  1. Your flowers look like daises to me. Whatever they are, I like them, and the vases are great. I'm enjoying all your flower art work.

    I have that book on order but it hasn't arrived yet. I took her class online and really liked it...but I haven't done any of her style of painting.

  2. Lee I love your flowers and how the background shines trough nice!!

  3. Interesting, interesting vibrant!

  4. Such an attractive piece!

  5. I love all the colors. Thanks for joining in my flower fun this month!


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