Tuesday, May 08, 2012

to do

  1.  take devil dog for short walk
  2. take car for oil change
  3. swim
  4. pants to tailor
  5. walk devil dog
  6. lunch with neighbour
  7. set up spray paint station in garage
  8. inventory spray paint
  9. stop at store for Salmon
  10. load of laundry
  11. wash kitchen floor
  12. sit outside and enjoy the sunshine 
  13. blog
What;s on your to do list this Tuesday?


  1. Way to go on crossing stuff off your to do list! And yet another great flower page....this is a challenge I'm enjoying and I like that you're experimenting with different styles too. Great job!

  2. well its wednesday here, so tuesday has gone... what did I do? dd called and we chatted for 2 hours, cooked cleaned a bit and blogged!

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  4. You accomplished quite a lot before you posted. I hope lunch was fun. I think the biggest job I had today was catching up on laundry after our guests. More laundry is waiting as I do that for my mom and brother too. I'm enjoying your flower pages!

  5. You don't EVEN want to know what was on my list to do! I'm running around in circles lately.


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