Friday, May 18, 2012

Air Mail

I made this air mail envelope into a postcard.  All I did was cut it to postcard size, put a blank card inside, sew up one side, and put the post card info on the back side, and here it is.  I can't say the airmail
envelope was my original idea I saw it here as an envelope  , and thought that would make a really cool
postcard, and then I also put flowers on it for the May Challenge.  What's on your schedule today, its raining, so no deck sitting for me, so I guess I will go grocery shopping instead, a girl's gotta eat.
Okay have a great Friday and see back here on Saturday for more flowers, its almost done.



  1. love the new header and what a great idea re postcard! have a great weekend!

  2. Wonderful idea and it looks fantastic! :)

  3. Love that you reused the airmail envelope. Love the flowers. Thanks for playing along.

  4. You are so creative! The postcard looks great.

    Yesterday I had a hair cut and helped HB fix dinner. That's about all I accomplished!!


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