Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My House is a very very fine house

I made this postcard for my Nephew he just moved into a new house, I then put the other houses of his siblings and his mother.  I hope he likes it, it looks way better in person.

Tonight the shopper (aka the daughter) is coming over for dinner, so we are having stir fry.
She is watching her weight like I am, so I try to cook healthy when she comes over.  I received the coolest postcard yesterday and once I get my camera back from the shopper I will take a photo of it and show you.


  1. WOW! If your nephew doesn't love this postcard then he must be's fantastic. I like the trees and all the different house numbers...and the houses are so cute. I'm happy to see your art again.

  2. What an excellent card! Each house so full of personality - and I see a bird peeking there! He'll love it I'm sure.

  3. WOW!! That is fantastic. Now I want to move just to entice you to send me a postcard. : )

  4. I'd love to get a card like this. Does the red bird have a special meaning?


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