Wednesday, September 19, 2012

who wants to play cards

this is a piece of wallpaper that I gessoed and painted
this is the back of the wallpaper where I adhered the cards

This is the card after I cut them

Added some paint and stuff

A Closer look

Well I started on the cards, here what I have done so far

1.  prepped the cards, they all have painted backs and a label on them
2.  The fronts on all 52 cards have been gessoed
3.  26 cards have been painted and some embellishment on them

Still needed to do:
inspiration quotes for all of them
more paint
more embellishments
the edges to be sanded
and distressed

I have not fully committed to the swap, I have not sent my money yet (l0.00) I wanted to get them done and see if they are worthy of been sent, and 52 cards are alot of cards to do.  But it looks like I will get them done, but the quotes are the hard part, if you have a favourite inspirational quote, share it with me, so I can put it on the card.  Since they are all going to different people, I can use the same quote more than once.  But wont commit till the very last one is done.


  1. these cards are beautiful - and what a great way to explore many different ideas! I'm thinking about how I can use playing cards and - I'll have to think about some quotes!

  2. Your cards are looking great. What a great job creating LOTS of them at one time!

  3. these look fabulous! google "inspirational quotes" and you'll get a billion to choose from.

  4. I knew you would create something fun and fantastic. They are definitely worthy of being shared.

  5. I'm committed too and am working on mine a little at a time as I work on other projects.....left over paint - onto a card :) Hope you join in cuz your cards are looking pretty darn amazing!

  6. These are great, Lee. I am thinking about doing this as well, but have not yet committed to it either.

  7. "Do epic shit" - Shelley Malone

    HAAA! Just kidding. These are crazy cool though. I love the idea of painting on wallpaper. And that's genius, to not commit until/unless they are done. I should be doing more of that, and less last-minute panicking.

  8. Wow, I love these! Great idea and thanks so much for sharing how you did it.


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