Thursday, September 13, 2012

A little of this and that

Yesterday was   busy for me, so no time for me to post.  I got my haircut, went to the doctor, had a funeral to attend, went out for dinner, came home and helped the shopper clean up her car, and get it ready to sell, and the night was shot.  I gave the shopper my old Honda civic because I got a new Honda, so we have her car in the driveway and she needs to sell it.  So we cleaned it up and she is going to take some pictures of it and put an ad up somewhere.  So hopefully it will sell she will make a few bucks and it will be off my driveway.  Today is a really nice day, I am looking after the dog next door while they are away for a few days, there dog and my dog are not good neighbours so I have to walk  them separately. I am going to get my exercise that is for sure.  The other day went to Michaels they had  paint on sale Liquitex heavy body 3 for 12 dollars, the paint  not bad so I bought some, so I might go back and get three more, my paint stock is getting low.  Okay now you know what I have been doing for the past couple of days what have you been doing


  1. "The paint snot bad" HAHAHAHA! You are awesome.

    I've been to a psychic, confiscated a bat that one of my hens caught, and gone for acupuncture twice. (Since you asked.)

    Today doesn't look like it'll be that interesting. : (

  2. sounds like you had a busy day! I'm preparing to go to Michaels this weekend. Love your bird painting!

  3. Yesterday wasn't too busy around here. I had my hair cut on Tuesday, went grocery shopping on Wednesday, and just cleaned and straightened around the house on Thursday. I lead such an exciting life!!


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