Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hope Springs

A page from my journal, as you can see I still not have changed the expression on my girls, they look like there in a permanent depression. Last night went out with friends to my favourite restaurant.  Then it was off to the movies, we saw the movie  Hope Springs.  If you have been married a few years, this is a got to see movie, a lot of laughs, alot of truths.  Today I am off in search of a new winter jacket, comes early here and you need to be ready.  Today feels like it could snow (lol) the wind is howling but the sky is blue.  The sandals will remain on until the snow fly s, or my toes freeze off which ever comes first.


  1. Love your red/pink haired girl!! She is an original!

    You're getting winter and I'm still dealing with 90's and 100's! I could use some cool weather about now. Getting a hair cut today and maybe some Michael's shopping.

  2. HI Lee. LOVE original GIRLS :))))
    Thanks for the movie tip...I will go and SEE THAT ONE. I am married 10 years...I guess enough time to see a movie like this ;)

    Have a great 'chilly-sandal-day'.
    Smiles, Anke :)

  3. Hi Lee....I forgot you were coming back in Sept. I missed all your wonderful art but I'm caught up now. This is a great page...don't worry about the experessions...they are great!!! Love your humor...hehe!

  4. Did you use watercolour with that chevron stencil? I love the effect! And your girls might LOOK sad, but we know they aren't. : )


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