Monday, September 24, 2012

Geek Chic

This is a postcard I finished a couple of days ago, as you know I love making postcards.  When I saw these guys first I thought i would make them all look alike, white suits and moustaches and then it kinda took of from there.  I like the way it turned out.  I thought I would show you a couple of things I am going to be working on .

its the jar with the branches further down the page
 she is my favourite artist, and you know anyone could do this, I have been
collecting branches when I walk the dog, she painted some, she wrapped embroidery floss around some, doesn't it look fun, you know you could even do it Xmas y by using red and green, and tinsel.

the next thing was , she had one pdf for sale 7.50 and I bought it, I already had the ornaments. you know you can figure it out just by looking at it, make it your own, which I plan to do.  I will show you when I get them done, I am  making one for everyone in my family, its going to be kinda assembly line.

Also I wanted to be able to free motion stitch with my sewing machine, but the part here was 54.00, so I went on line and bought it for 21.00 including shipping, the exact part, because I have a really old Bernina sewing machine, but went i went to buy the part, they didn't have it in the store, and they told me what part it was, so I am sure I got the one that will fit.
So there is what I have been doing all weekend, long, so what have you been up to.


  1. sounds like youve been very busy Lee, with lots of great projects in the pipeline!

  2. LOVE the guys on the postcard! have so many fun projects going. I like those branches and your idea about doing them for Christmas. Also the ornaments. I saw those and thought they would be easy to do. Now if I could just get myself to "do" something!

  3. your postcard is totally awesome!


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