Friday, September 14, 2012

Tip of the week

Well its Friday, the week just seems to fly by, and it seems that I get nothing accomplished art wise.  I always thought geez when I retire, I am going to have so much time on hands I wont know what to do with myself....while I am here to tell you that's not true, you or your husband can think of many things to do, that you would not have thought here is a hint retire before your partner, so that you have a few years to do what you want to.  (lol) I did that.
The weather is holding up, so I have been taking devil dog on long walks, she has a weight problem, just like her Mama and she is on a dog diet, so she is none to happy.  The above postcard I did a while ago, just used what ever I had around.  Here is a tip I am sure you know already, I have given up using white pens, I now just use white out markers from Staples, or the dollar store, they last longer and will work over anything.  Arent I just the tip master, before you know I will be teaching a class (lol).  Well I better get out and enjoy this weather while it lasts.


  1. HI Lee, I hear you. And I am not retired ;)
    Well, you should think about teaching....smiles, Anke :)))
    Have a great weekend, enjoy the last warm days. I do too :)))

  2. When is your first class? Sign me up!!

    I know just what you're saying about being retired. HB seems to think up all these projects and then I get dragged into doing them with him. Oh, well, I got a new studio out of one of his ideas so I guess I can't complain too much!

  3. I love your tips, Lee! I haven't tried the Wite-Out pens, but I want to. Sounds like you are staying happily busy...can't beat that! :-)

  4. oh this is gorgeous, totally love all the various Details!!speccially the texting from an old german book ;)


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