Saturday, September 15, 2012

warning sunglasses required

I know, I know could it be any brighter, I used tape as the background, a the bird kinda just appeared, and of course I wanted the bird to be the focal point, so hence the bright eye blinding color,  you know I love color, who doesnt it kinda just perks you right up or blinds you either one.
I joined the the52 card inspirational swap.  I know you think 52 cards, go to the post and she will explain it all.  I started last night sanded lightly all the playing cards,next I am going to use some of my painted papers for the back , and I have been thinking of inspirational quotes for the cards.  I know your thinking what has she got herself into, I will probably think that when I am doing the front of the cards.  Oh well I needed a project to work on, that was not to taxing on my brain.  Ok its Saturday I am going shopping, maybe lunch , maybe shoes, maybe art supplies, maybe the library, oh the day is full of possibilities what are you doing today?


  1. I don't mind wearing sunglasses when I can see a beautiful bird like this one! It's definitely strutting its stuff!!

    Good luck with the challenge. It sounds like fun but I know I'm not up to it right now.

  2. this is absolutely beautiful! i love those colors! i think i'll check out this web site!

  3. fantastic bird - the more color the better! glad you're joining the deck swap - hope I get one of yours in my deck.

  4. YEAH, you found some ART-CREATING-TIME! :))))All I say, I findy your art so inspirational....this pure expression of yours is speaking right to my soul, THANK YOU :))) For sharing. Smiles, Anke :)

  5. you had me at shoes. how was shopping?

  6. You just answer my own question as to what to do with the collection of playing cards that were once S late mother cards, she used to play endless games of solitare and seemed to collected many playing cards, many never open, there are like 10 decks of cards.

    Love the idea and once this weather cools down more I like to give it a try myself.


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