Sunday, September 02, 2012

She was missing but now she's back

the above was created on watercolour paper that I had painted before hand
drew the bird with black pen and white-out pen
white eggs white-out pen
and a piece of old material I had laying around

I am back.  I enjoyed my time off from the blog.  I dithered about coming back at all, depending on how I was feel that day, i was coming and then I wasn't.  But I am back, and glad to see you all.  Didn't do what I set out to do, work big, something is holding me back from doing that.  But I did do:

lots of postcards
got a brand new car
had some health scares but am all clear now
read a ton of books
went swimming just about every day
lost some more weight
signed up for some online classes
cooked light
read light cooking light cookbooks till I knew them backwards
ate some fattening food (after all it is the holidays)
bought a few new art supplies


  1. Hooray! I'm so glad you're back - I've missed you!

  2. YEA!!!! I missed you and your art. I'm so glad you decided to come back. From that list, I'd say you made good use of your time away.

  3. your art is lovely as ever. I've missed stopping by and hope I'll be able to resume blogworld a little more again

  4. ginheartart10:18 PM

    yippee! nice to have you back, kim

  5. yay!!!!!!!!!!! youre back! welcome back to bloggy land - I think WEVE all missed you!!!!

  6. LEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! WELCOME BACK!!!!! did not miss much on my blog, honestly. I had a tough summer and I am glad I figured it out for myself.
    Looking forward to see your inspiring art and cheer up humor, smiles, Anke :)))))

  7. So glad to see you're back. It's my feeling that we should only blog when we want to blog. If you feel like doing it, wonderful! If you want to take a break and do something else, that's great too. Just enjoy as much as you can.

    Love and hugs!


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