Monday, October 15, 2012

annoying faces

Another one of those annoying faces, I keep drawing,that look all the same.  I am trying to make
them look better, and more human like, more practice is needed, be prepared to see more of these woman one day they will look human
Today I went and got my flu shot, put up your hand if you get the flu shot.  I am never been sick from the shot, and since I got the shot, have not had the flu.  I totally believe in the shot, if you could not have guessed   it.


  1. I like this face! Esp. the eyes! I think many people struggle with the same thing - that is - their faces all look similar. You and I are working on the same thing - trying to get better with faces. This one is unique I think -I don't remember seeing her before - well anyway - I LIKE IT! Like JanettMarie used to say to me all the time 'Do Another!'

  2. This face is NOT annoying! And they don't all look alike. You're so hard on yourself. I get tired of seeing the same kind of faces all the time. I think yours are refreshing and unique. Don't change them!

    I've never had a flu shot and don't plan on ever getting one. I seldom ever get the watch, this year I will after I said that!

  3. i've been debating whether to get a flu shot or not. the first year i had one was great, i made it thru the winter avoiding everything that went around but the following year i got everything. so not sure if i want to do it. have you had a shingles shot? my doctor keeps telling me i should have one. hope you feel better quickly.

  4. Hey, this woman is so human! Those EYES which speak volumes!!!!! I think those faces are more real than just always smiling. I am not always smiling either, even I already smile more than others around me. Keep drawing your unique expressions.....they rock! Smiles, Anke :)

  5. Hi Lee...your faces are great...and always are! Don't make them look "too human."
    I have never had a flu shot...and most likely never will.
    I can use more tips on storing my "papers" and other art tools. Looking at another post...I am in great envy over your studio, it looks like a wonderful place to create!


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