Saturday, October 27, 2012


Another oldie but goodie.  Well its Saturday, at about 2:45 just walked devil dog, and am walking the dog next door I call him the Peeer because he pees every 2 seconds.  I have already done Costco,bought 2 christmas presents there .  Next on my way to the bookstore, for a hot chocolate, and reading some magazines I dont have to pay for, after all I am retired and living on a limited income (lol).  Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. You make the BEST weird characters! I love this one from the hook nose to the striped body and the pink hat.

    I bought a new rug for my studio and some gel medium, painted (!!!) some on a face, and now I'm having a snack and reading blogs.

  2. ginheartart11:52 PM

    This bird is sooo adorable, luv the "birthday cake" hat...heehee, kim

  3. That sounds like the best afternoon EVER. Love your weird bird-dude too, he's cool!


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