Monday, October 01, 2012

Its funky art time, the good and the bad

I did her last night in my sketchbook, i should have gone to studio and painted her, instead I used water colour markers, so the colours and the shadows are not right
Otherwise i like her funky hair, and her red lips. not much other than that.  I vowed to show all good and bad art , but you only learn by doing right?

Today I am having a friend over for dinner, her husband is out of town on business, so I am busy cooking.  I am making chili, coleslaw, scones, and fruit crumble in the crock pot, so my kitchen is a mess, I am not a neat cooker by any means.  When you cook in the kitchen are you tidy?


  1. She is different. I like her despite any impefections you might see. I think she looks wonderful.

    No I am not tidy when cooking. That is usually because I tend to save up all my cooking projects and do them all in one go.

  2. a good learning lesson! love her hair and . . . too!

  3. First of all I hate cooking! So, no, I'm never tidy in the kitchen.

    I love this girl with her wild hair and bright lipstick color. She looks like she could take on anything and win.

  4. I like how you carried out the unusual aspect/angle. Makes it even more interesting.

    I have a very small kitchen, a galley type with almost enough room for two people to pass each other without bumping behinds. I have only 8 feet of counter top with a double sink in the middle of that. Not much space, so I've learned to cook very tightly, everything organized before I begin. My saving graces are two pantries, one at the end of the galley and the other across the dining area. I don't know what I'd do without them because there are no upper kitchen cabinets, only a bottom one under the sink beside the dishwasher. Still, I love my tiny kitchen and I've prepared meals for 2-50 people there.

  5. I am overwhelmed by this Lee - this is a fantastic pic!

    cook... yes make a mess and then hate the clearing up after, so prefer to stay out of the kitchen in the first place if at all possible!


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