Friday, October 05, 2012

the big studio clean-up day 1

this was just basically a storage area, and was not being used to its potential

Here it is after I emptied it, all on to my desk, and sorted it , and decided it should be used for other things, in order to maximize my space

Here is a closeup, I put all my spray inks together, and then when I want
them I can just move the box over to the desk

Here is some more of the studio , not cleaned up, but in the process

Now this shelf I got at Ikea and it is really useful, but I stored alot of junk in it and on top and it just was not working for me.

and here it is in the process still of the clean-up.  Stay tuned for the final clean-up and a tour of the studio


  1. You're getting a lot accomplished! Wanna come over and help me do that in my studio?! I still don't have it workable yet.

  2. i agree with janet - your studio looks far far better than mine! i have a lot of work to do. i sure would like to know what those inks and other things are! a close up of your brushes too please! love this studio tour and can't wait to see more!

  3. So inspiring. I'm under a pile of stuff at the moment. pretty nonfunctional stuff too.

    love, love, love

  4. There's hardly a spare inch on my desk as I write...the usual!

  5. OH the after photos are so inspiring!!!! Yes, sometimes a STUDIO is in need to be cleaned...speaking of that....I have to sort my piling mess again too soon....LOL...wonder why it always builds up so whirlwinds, I guess :))) Smiles, Anke :)

  6. Ooh, I love seeing all of this! Look at all those Golden products...I think you could be their spokesperson! I love your use of plastic containers and the stair-step organizer (which I use in my spice cupboard). I like how you use a hanging bag to create more organizational space. Can't wait to see your final results!!

  7. Oh I remember seeing this post earlier then today i looked at your "after" photos and am totally impressed! It looks like a different space altogether. Well done for all that hard work. x


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