Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Background

I try to make my own background papers, for some of the work I do.  I just like
to go down to the studio and fool around, with nothing in mind, it helps me creatively.
What I use is those 4x6  or larger pieces of scrapbook paper that come in a book, and just
gesso over them, and spray them stencil, paint etc.  I also got a huge wallpaper sample book from
the re use store, and I paint over that as well.  Says money and gives you an interesting
texture. What have you used that is unusual in your art?


  1. wow! what great ideas! this is a beautiful piece - me? right now I'm gaining knowledge from you!!

  2. Gorgeous background! I use old wallpaper book pages for atc's or altering books too. I don't have my own book, but a friend kindly sent me a stack of them.

  3. gorgeous background and ready for some art on it!

  4. What a beautiful background! You always manage to use great colors and integrate lots of interesting texture into everything you do.


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